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We accept children of all ages from 4 weeks to 12 years old. Open from 6 am until 6 pm Monday through Friday. You can rest assured that your child is well taken care of during these critical hours.

Kidz Choice uses The Creative Curriculum® Solutions as the teaching model. This powerful and proven 30-year-old program is an extremely successful way to improve child outcomes through effective teaching.

Creative Curriculum is a forward-thinking, comprehensive, research-based curriculum that features exploration and discovery as a way of learning. It is an extremely effective education program that focuses on honoring the child’s creativity while making learning exciting, fun, and relevant.

We provide children with developmentally appropriate programs that support active learning at each developmental level.

We make sure that:

  • a proper learning environment is established,

  • appropriate routines and activities are planned for every day of the week,

  • the children’s learning and development are engaged in all the core areas,

  • partnerships are built with families and are based on trust and mutual respect,

  • needs of your family and the teacher’s responsibilities are well balanced.

Children on the School bus - smiling gir
Kindergarten Guide


Infants                $155.00

Toddlers              $155.00

2 year old            $145.00

3 year old            $140.00

4-5 year old         $140.00

Before/After School        $ 85.00

Hourly & Drop-in Care        $ 8.00

Full Time Summer Camp   $ 115.00

Registration Fees              $ 40.00

School pick ups/drop offs at Kidz Choice 

Kidz Choice offers pick up and drop offs for students. If your child needs to be at daycare early, we can make sure they get to school on time. Also, Kidz Choice will pick up after school and bring to Kidz Choice facility. Here is list of school that we offer this service to. 

  • Roger Bell Elm 804 Fontana Blvd.
    Havelock, NC , 252-444-5133

  • Arthur Edwards Elm  200 Education Lane
    Havelock, NC, 252-444-5140

  • Havelock Elm 201 Cunningham Blvd.
    Havelock, NC, 252-444-5106

  • Gurganus Elm 535 US70
    Havelock, NC, 252-444-5150

  • Newport Elm 219 Chatham Street
    Newport, NC, 252-223-4201

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